Foothills Unitarian Church

“Our Stories of Resilience” (5/31/20)

May 31, 2020

We all have stories of challenge and sacrifice, loss and struggle. Stories that we can draw on to help guide us through the challenges we face today. Foothills members share some of their personal stories and reflections. Rev. Kristen then draws out some of the themes she hears, before turning to a conversation our Director of Family Ministry recently had with young adults who grew up at Foothills.

Featuring Foothills members Kirsten Hartman and Ed Meek, Marla Nelson, Tom Inscho, Tim Clouse, and Pam Webber, and young adults (forever Foothills community members!) Jason Latta, Brynna Herbener, Alex Undy and Sami Scovel.

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